Taipei Mixed Martial Arts (TMMA), is conveniently located in center of Taipei city, with convienant access to mass transportation and public parking.  Have a look at our website www.tmmagym.com
TMMA is engage in popularizing Martial Arts in order to help change peoples lives for the better, promote good health, self-confidence, and wellness.  
We encouraged members, their friends, people of all ages to attend our seminars, group classes, and individual training regularly, TMMA can create a training schedule that fits you needs and schedule.  We can also help our members participate in sanctioned MMA sporting competitions.  
Our goal at TMMA is to provide the best environment for learning Martial Arts, obtaining good health, and making new friends.  Martial Arts is not about fighting, it’s about discipline, hard work and good health, self-confidence and having fun.
TMMA offers:
  • Convenient access to public transportation 
  • Convenient access to public Parking
  • A spacious environment for training and classes
  • Professional coaches offering several different training methods
  • Equipment for Martial Arts training, and weight training
  • A clean and comfortable environment
  • Reasonable fee system
  • A complete line of training products, including Raja, King, Twins and many other manufactures. 


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